Among Muslim residents of Sweden, as of 2014, 110,000 are registered as member of, or regularly served by, a Muslim faith community.Out of the roughly 500,000 Swedish residents with roots in countries and areas dominated by Muslims, approximately one third practice Islam to some extent.


Muslims make up 6.1% of Germany and less than 0.1% of Poland. The statistics suggest that the key factor is not necessarily a high Muslim population, but a high Muslim immigrant population. Bulgaria has a sizable Muslim population that has been living there for a very long time. And its sexual violence rates are quite low.

For example the average Spaniard thinks that Muslims are 16% of Spain's population, but they are actually 2%. See here.) MUSLIMS IN SWEDEN – THE BACKGROUND 3 SWEDEN – A LAND OF UNITY 3 The history of religious freedom in Sweden 3 "Folkhemmet" 6 MUSLIMS IN SWEDEN - THE FACTS 8 The definition of Muslims 8 The Muslim population in Sweden 11 The process of Muslim institutionalization in Sweden 15 Problems for Muslims to organize themselves in Sweden 22 Findings. Among three scenarios, the most likely mid-point migration scenario identifies 13 countries where the Muslim population will be majority between years 2085 and 2215: Cyprus (in year 2085), Sweden (2125), France (2135), Greece (2135), Belgium (2140), Bulgaria (2140), Italy (2175), Luxembourg (2175), the UK (2180), Slovenia (2190), Estimated and actual Muslim population share in Denmark, Norway and Sweden 2018 Survey among Muslims living in Norway on Sharia 2016 Survey among Muslims on thing they dislike most about Norway 2016 2017-09-25 · In Sweden, 34 percent of Muslims from Sub-Saharan Africa said they had experienced harassment due to their background in the year prior to the survey, compared to 18 percent of Turkish immigrants. Sub-Saharan Africans in Denmark scored the highest, however, with 48 percent telling the report they had been harassed in the year before. 2016-12-14 · In reality, around 460,000 Muslims live in Sweden, or 4.6 percent of the total population.

Muslim sweden population

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Christianity has declined rapidly in Sweden through the 20th Century into the early 21st Century. It is believed that about 19% are Atheists in Sweden. 10,000 are Hindus… 0.1% of Population. 1,000 are Baha’i Faith. 2,796,819 have no organised religious beliefs… 28.4% of population. The proportion of Muslims in Sweden is currently estimated at about 8.1 percent of the country's population of 10 million, making it the most numerous in Scandinavia.

Other sources set the figure at around 6% (almost 600,000) of the total Swedish population. A 2017 Pew Research report documents Muslim 

10,000 are Hindus… 0.1% of Population. 1,000 are Baha’i Faith.

Muslim sweden population

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and the sixth largest in Scandinavia, with a population of over 300,000 inhabitants. As in other European countries, these events have sparked anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments, increasing 

twenty-third periodic reports of Sweden*. 1. composition of the population. Swedes, Jews, Muslims and Roma continues in the State party,  meänkieli, Finnish dialect in Northern Sweden. fattig. (-t, -a) poor invånare.

Muslim sweden population

14 Dec 2010 Natasha Fatah on how Muslim immigration is reshaping Swedish politics. 300,000 population is Muslim — one of the highest rates in Europe. 25 Jul 2015 Right-wing nationalists in Sweden are planning a gay pride event to take on 29 July, areas that are known to have large Muslim populations. 10 Jan 2018 With a population of nearly 10 million, Sweden has received almost a quarter of a million asylum seekers at the time of Syrian refugee crisis in  Immigration to Sweden is the process by which people migrate to Sweden to reside in the Sweden had very few immigrants in 1900 when the nationwide population totaled 5,100,814 inhabitants, of whom 35,627 individuals were The main driver of spreading Islam in Sweden is immigration since the late 1960s. As of  About half of the Muslim population is concentrated in the capital, Stockholm, and 10-15 per cent live in. Göteborg, the second city. There are  Demography of Swedish Muslims.
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the growth of the Muslim population in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) and A special focus is on Islamophobia and the ethnification of Muslims.

Swedes will become a minority in about 40 years, in 2065.
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In a survey of Swedes asking them what % of the Swedish population they thought was Muslim, the average answer was 17%. But the real number is 5%. (Not picking on the Swedes here; fairly similar numbers are seen across Europe. For example the average Spaniard thinks that Muslims are 16% of Spain's population, but they are actually 2%. See here.)

Ethnicity: Indigenous population: Swedes with Finnish and Sami  Cardinal Anders Arborelius of Stockholm, Sweden, is pictured in a Zoom “We now have more than 9,000 deaths for quite a small population. total number of Swedish converts to be 5,000, only 1.5% of the Muslim population. 10 The. convert population is also not very politically  In this scenario, Muslims could make up 14% of Europe's population by 2050 to mid-2016 were to continue indefinitely: Sweden's population (8% Muslim in  Ahmadiyya #Muslim Community Fulda was awarded the Integration prize in To inform the Swedish population about this, information has been posted on  A view of the waterfront in Helsingborg, Sweden (tsaiproject/Flickr) synagogue in 2017 – have come from immigrants from Arab or Muslim countries. About a third of Malmo's population of 350,000 people are first- or  Media in category "Demographic charts of Sweden" Muslim percentage in Sweden, 1930–2016.svg 720 × 540; 8 KB. Nativiteten och  People > Religion > religious composition > muslim % (CIA) > 2013 ( Global ) People > Population > migration > refugee by country or territory of origin > 2012  av A Skiple · Citerat av 4 — Problematizing generational racism, growth of the Sweden Democrats and normalization of is anti-immigrant sentiments in the young as well as the adult population. Awan, Imran (2012) “I am a Muslim Not an Extremist”: How the Prevent  Med bilagan: Muslimer i Sverige ett år efter den 11 september 2001.

Most Muslims in Sweden are either immigrants or descendants of those which is the reason why the Muslim migrant population includes more refugees from 

Also, it’s projected growth rate under various scenarios is very disturbing. Se hela listan på Loading According to current projections, Sweden ’s population is expected to continue growing through the rest of the century. As of 2020, the population is 10.1 million people and is projected to be 11.39 million by 2050 and 12.95 million by 2099. Sweden’s population growth rate is relatively low at 0.63%, adding about 63,000 people to the 2017-11-29 · Muslims are a relatively small minority in Europe, making up roughly 5% of the population. However, in some countries, such as France and Sweden, the Muslim share of the population is higher. its Muslim population, keeping in mind the case of Sweden’s Young Muslims being denied organizational grants, there is a need for the establishment of a standing examining authority or commission for racial equality, as was suggested in the state’s inquiry on integration and In a survey of Swedes asking them what % of the Swedish population they thought was Muslim, the average answer was 17%. But the real number is 5%.

Anti-semitic crimes in Sweden have usually been associated with the far right, but Shneur Kesselman,  Forskning om utsatthet hos förmodade muslimer och islamofobi i Sverige. Undertitel: En översikt av Immigrants in Sweden and Community Responses. Som kan skådas i figuren Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 18, No. 4, s. 603-629.